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Absence of Impact Assessment: justified or not

15th June 2018


EU legislative proposals without Impact Assessment are common and in some cases not adequately justified. We are expanding our series on the monitoring of Impact Assessments by scrutinising the reasoning given for European Commission legislative proposals not being accompanied by Impact Assessments.


The table below reviews all legislative proposals in April and May 2018 without Impact Assessment:

  • Only proposals for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council are included

  • A brief review of the circumstances and evaluation of any justification for no Impact Assessment is given


The evaluations (right hand column) are colour coded as follows:

  • Adequate justification provided

  • Inadequate justification provided or some concerns regarding lack of Impact Assessment

  • Absence of Impact Assessment not justified and/or contrary to guidelines and procedure - further review necessary


We would welcome additional insights on any of the listed initiatives.


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