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Become an Associate

Organisations or individuals wishing to support the Institute by offering their expertise and advice may become Associates.  Associates are organisations or individuals with valuable competencies in Impact Assessment and Better Regulation, and are accepted by the Board in order to ensure a balance of knowledge and influences in the advisory bodies of the Institute. 



Stakeholders interested in Associate statuts are invited to contact the Secretariat by email:



Associates are part of the Institute’s community, engaging with all stakeholders in advising and contributing to its oversight. 



         Associates have the following privileges:

  • A position on the Stakeholder Council, contributing to its scrutiny of the Institute and the Board.

  • A position on the Studies Committee advising the Institute's work.



         At the discretion of the Board of Directors, Associates may be conferred additional rights within the Institute, for example:

  • A proportional say in the selection of policy dossiers to be scrutinised by the Institute.

  • Free training and seminars on Impact Assessment and Better Regulation.


Associates may be any type of organisation or individual.

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