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Planned study on the Circular Economy Impact Assessment

March 15th 2016 

The IAI is preparing a study scrutinising the European Commission Impact Assessment accompanying its legislative package on Circular Economy. The legislative proposal was adopted on 2nd December 2015 and contains a number of provisions on re-use and recycling of municipal, packaging and electronic waste as well landfill.

The IAI's study is evaluating both the numerical and qualitative provisions of the proposal. Quantitative costs and benefits have been calculate using the EU Reference Model on waste, a complicated spreadsheet that assesses financial and social costs and benefits.

With access to relevant information provided by the Commission and the European Environment Agency, we are reviewing the inputs and outputs of the model for consistency and feasibility.

The proposal's qualitative provisions include in particular conditions for "Extended Producer Responsibility" for waste streams created by industrial products as well as measures for waste prevention.

The work is being by the IAI's own staff, complemented by expertise from expert organisations. We welcome additional input from organisations with knowledge in the area of waste management to support a comprehensive study.

The intention is to complete the study to help inform the legislative discussions in the EU Institutions as well as all stakeholders with interest in this dossier.


Please feel free to contact us to provide your input.

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