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Proper definition of sustainability required for battery initiative

27th February 2019

The Impact Assessment Institute has scrutinised the European Commission Inception Impact Assessment on Sustainable Batteries. The IIA mostly presents a relevant background and an open field for assessment of a potential future initiative.


However, the stated objectives are not fully consistent within themselves and with the Strategic Action Plan on batteries.  They require clarification in order to proceed coherently with further assessment.


There is a lack of clarity on the definition of sustainability in the context of this initiativem, and the parameters to be used to measuring sustainability.  This requires further investigation and explicit clarification to stakeholders.


The IIA states a clear preference for an initiative on the basis of an Ecodesign or Energy labelling Regulation.  This is a premature selection of the preferred option.  Clarification of the objectives and full analysis of the options is required before selecting the type of initiative.

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