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Seminar in the European Parliament

September 7th 2017

Yesterday the Impact Assessment Institute was represented in a seminar in the European Parliament on Better Regulation and the recast of the Renewable Energy Directive. 


Simon Godwin spoke alongside MEPs Chritoffer Fjellner and Marijana Petir as well as representatives from the ethanol and farming sectors.  The seminar focused on the shortcomings in the application of Better Regulation principles in EU policy making, in particular in Impact Assessments.  The Renewable Energy Directive was used as a case study, with the IAI's recent scrutiny study on its Impact Assessment recognised as a valuable contribution.


Simon presented the Institute and its operating methods, then summarised the findings of the Renewable Energy study.  


In the ensuing discussion it was clear that many stakeholders share concerns about the evidence presented for the Renewable Energy Directive.


The seminar was reported in this press article.

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