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The Impact Assessment Institute:

Supporting robust evidence for policy making

December 14th 2015

The activities of the Impact Assessment Institute have been established this week with the going live of its website and the drafting of its first scrutiny study.


Founder and Managing Director Simon Godwin said "This is the first small step in the life of the Institute, which we hope will become a valuable contributor to the development of EU regulatory policy and to the enhancement of evidence based policy making".


By publicising its activities the Institute is calling for the cooperation of all interested actors in a broad based initiative to ensure a shared role for all stakeholders. All parties are welcome to make their comments on the Institute's concept, principles, procedures and studies to ensure a continuous peer-review process.


The Institute's first study, a report on the Commission's Impact Assessments on Climate & Energy and Energy Efficiency policy for 2030, indicates the concept and form of its future work. This along with future reports will contribute in a constructive way to the evidence base for policy and legislation.

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