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New Studies in the Pipeline

April 14th 2017

The Impact Assessment Institute's most recent study, reviewing the first 18 months of the European Commission's Better Regulation Agenda received positive reviews from a number of stakeholders as well as some prominent mentioned in the press.  We are building on this success with a number of further studies in the pipeline.


In addition to continuing our work in the subject area of Climate and Energy, we are expanding into new policy areas. The following are the studies in preparation and planning:

·       The Impact Assessment on the review of the Renewable Energy Directive, including the Impact Assessment on Sustainability of Bioenergy

·       The Impact Assessment on the ePrivacy Regulation

·       The Inception Impact Assessment on a Communication on Modernising and Simplifying the Common Agricultural Policy

·       The Impact Assessment on the Energy Efficiency Directive


These studies will be published over the next weeks and months to maintain the flow of scrutiny on key EU policy initiatives.  Input from expert stakeholders on any of these dossiers is welcome.

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