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IAI draft study on Circular Economy distributed for peer review

June 9th 2016

Today the Impact Assessment Institute distributed for peer review its scrutiny study on the Impact Assessments accompanying the European Commission's Circular Economy legislative proposals.  This is a major EU legislative proposal adopted in December 2015, replacing the original proposal of July 2014.


The Institute's draft study analyses all material elements of the Impact Assessments of the 2014 and 2015 proposals.  The peer review process is an important element of the Institute's procedures, to allow interested parties to comment factually and scientifically on the draft analysis and provide their own expert data and assessments.  The draft was distributed to representatives of EU institutions, civil society, industry and think tanks to cover the broad spectrum of expertise and interest.


The deadline for parties to provide their input to the draft is 8th July, allowing four weeks for review.  Any party wishing to be included in the peer review is welcome to contact the Institute at to request inclusion.


After the peer review deadline, the Institute will finalise the study, responding directly to all submissions from interested parties.  The final study is expected to be published later in July.

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