Studies on light and heavy duty vehicle CO2 emissions


October 11th 2016

The Impact Assessment Institute has scrutinised the European Commission’s Inception Impact Assessments on Heavy Duty Vehicle CO2 Monitoring and on Regulating CO2 Emissions from Light Duty Vehicles.  These documents are meant to signal the start of the legislative and evidence gathering process.  However, they present conclusions about the effects of potential legislation that still need to follow from the upcoming impact analysis.


The intended timing of the eventual legislative proposal, planned for less than nine months after the publication of the Inception Impact Assessments, does not leave enough time for proper analysis.  In addition, the multiple-choice format of the public consultations, with limited written input, does not allow the flexibility needed to explain detailed inputs.  The statistical results of the consultation will therefore lack information necessary for an accurate interpretation of the stakeholder input.


These shortcomings can be rectified by conducting factual and scientific analysis during the upcoming Impact Assessment process.  Conclusions need to be based on comprehensive and objective evidence.



Link: Studies scrutinising the Inception Impact Assessments on Heavy Duty Vehicles CO2 Monitoring and on Regulating CO2 Emissions from Light Duty Vehicles

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