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Become a Donor


Individuals or organisations wishing to donate to the Institute and support its operations are invited to do so through the form below as from March 2016 when the Institute has been formally incorporated.  If you are interested to discuss your donation in advance, please contact the Institute:


Your donation may be one-off or recurring and may be named or anonymous.  The source of anonymous donations will not be recorded by the Institute.



       All donations are welcome and will help to support the Institute's work.  If you are in a position to contribute €1,500 or more, you may wish to become an Active Donor, whereby your proposals on Impact Assessments for scrutiny by the Institute will be taken formally into account.  Please click here for an overview.


Options for donation









How to donate?

Bank transfer to:

Impact Assessment Institute, BNP Paribas Fortis

IBAN BE84 0017 8353 5259



Please include the following in the communication of the transaction:

  • If desired, an email address for the confirmation of receipt

  • If you wish the donation to be recorded, your name and/or organisation (leave blank for an anonymous donation)

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