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Study on the European Commission Impact Assessment on the Framework for a Free Flow of Data

19th April 2018


The IAI has scrutinised the European Commision Impact Assessment accompanying the:

               “Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on a framework for the free flow of non-personal data in the European Union” SWD (2017) 304 Final


as well as the coherence between the Impact Assessment and the legislative proposal COM (2017) 495, published on 13th September 2017.

The study, authored by Alexander Mäkelä, Simon Godwin and Erik Akse, concluded that the evidence indicates an economic benefit from the preferred policy option, but that unsubstantiated assertions and speculative calculations distract from the relevant content and weaken the presentation.

As part of the Institute's standard peer review process, scientific and factual comments on the content of the study are invited from stakeholders at any time to inform a potential revision.



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