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Who is who in the Impact Assessment Institute


As a new organisation, the Institute is in the process of building its bodies and structure, aligned to its Governance, in cooperation with stakeholders.  Currently the Institute is led and managed by its founders.  As the Board and Stakeholder bodies are developed, this page will record the individuals who will help lead the Institute into the future.

"The concept for the Impact Assessment Institute was developed through discussions with stakeholders over a number of years.  Through this careful planning and consultation, we have ensured that its structure and procedures will support its credibility and impartiality, creating the added value that it brings to EU regulatory policy."

"The Impact Assessment Institute creates confidence in EU decision-making. It rigorously screens the quality of the facts and figures that underpin EU legislation and policies. The IAI works for all stakeholders and is uniquely open and transparent. It is the platform that holds EU Institutions to account on the actual Better Regulation achievements."

"Many of the big challenges facing the world today can only be effectively tackled by the cooperative actions of nation states under the auspices of organisations such as the UN and the EU.  I am pleased to be able to contribute to the Impact Assessment Institute’s work of providing review and constructive criticism of EU policies and regulatory initiatives in technical areas."

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