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Study on the European Commission Inception Impact Assessment on the new Renewable Energy Directive and bioenergy sustainability policy for 2030


30th June 2016


The IAI has scrutinised the Inception Impact Assessment on renewable energy policy:


Renewable Energy Package: new Renewable Energy
Directive and bioenergy sustainability policy for 2030 –
AP 2016/ENER/025


The study, authored by Simon Godwin and Erik Akse, find that the Better Regulation Guidelines have not been consistently followed in the compilation of this document, leading to an inconsistent and incomplete record of evidence.  It also contains rhetorical assumptions and statements that indicate a lack of balance in the Inception Impact Assessment as a platform for evidence gathering and analysis.


As part of the Institute's standard peer review process, scientific and factual comments on the content of the study are invited from any stakeholder by Friday 29th July to inform a potential revision.  After that date, substantive comments can still be taken into account for future revisions.

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