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Become a Sponsor


Organisations or individuals wishing to consider sponsorship of the Institute with an investment of at least €15,000 per year are invited to contact the Secretariat:


Sponsors are part of the Institute’s community, occupying a front seat for receiving the information and analysis generated in its work. 


Sponsors have the right to select jointly the policy activities on which the Institute is to perform its scrutiny and are first in line to provide factual and scientific intelligence on those policies as an input to the Institute's studies. 

The Institute maintains its impartiality at all times by ensuring a formal boundary between the sponsors and the actual conduct of studies.


          The formal benefits of sponsorship are the following:

  • A position on the Stakeholder Council, contributing to its scrutiny of the Institute and the Board.

  • A position on the Studies Committee advising the Institute's work.

  • A proportional say in the selection of policy dossiers to be scrutinised by the Institute.

  • Free training and seminars on Impact Assessment and Better Regulation.


          Sponsorship is welcomed from all types of organisation or individual, including:

  • Philanthropic foundations.

  • Companies and business associations.

  • Civil society organisations.

  • European and national governmental organisations.

  • Individuals with a personal or professional interest in better regulation.


The sponsorship options are detailed below:


Sponsorships are active starting from the 1st day of the month in which the contribution is received.


*Multi-year sponsorship includes the following parameters:

  • Minimum two-year sponsorship term.

  • Automatic renewal 5 months before end of multi-year term, with 9 months’ notice provided by the Institute, allowing cancellation with at least 5 months’ notice.

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