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About the Impact Assessment Institute


The Institute was set up in 2015 as an independent body with the mission to scrutinise the evidence base for proposed and active legislation.  It provides impartial scientific and factual analysis on policy and legislative proposals, secondary legislation, amendments, active regulations, evaluations and other relevant policy studies.


The name "Impact Assessment Institute" was chosen as a reflection of our core mission.  The term "Impact Assessment" covers the entire policy process, from Inception Impact Assessments at the introduction of a new policy, through Ex-ante Impact Assessments accompanying policy/legislative proposals to Ex-post Impact Assessments for evaluations.


The independence and impartiality of the Institute is entrenched by its principles, governance and procedures.  Of key importance is the funding of the Institute, which is arranged to ensure there is no narrow dependence on specific interests and that there is arm's length separation between the financing and the content of the Institute's output.


In March 2016 the Institute was formally incorporated as a Foundation under Belgian law.  The Foundation number is 0650.623.342.



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