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Sources of funding


In its current start-up phase, the Impact Assessment Institute is unfunded, relying upon the commitment of its founding staff to sustain its initial operations and to establish its activities.


To thrive long term and make a productive contribution to E.U. policy making, sources of funding will be secured.  Whatever these sources may be, the governance and procedures of the organisations will ensure an arm's length relationship between the conduct of its studies and the financial support.  This will be achieved by ensuring a broad spectrum of sponsors with no concentration of financing from specific interest groups; by the structure, which cuts the link between the sponsors and the conduct of studies; and by the procedures, which transparently demonstrate the impartiality, integrity and scientific robustness of the work.


Sponsorships and donations are welcomed from the following sources, which may be either impartial organisations or parties with specific regulatory interests:

  • Philanthropic foundations

  • Charitable donations from individuals

  • Companies and business associations

  • Civil society organisations

  • European and national governmental organisations

  • Individuals


Those organisations and individuals interested in sponsoring or donating to the Impact Assessment Institute are invited to go to our sponsorship page.

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