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Better regulation

The European Commission states that "Better Regulation is about designing EU policies and laws so that they achieve their objectives at minimum cost". This can only be achieved through (1) open and transparent procedures; (2) the use the best evidence that is available; and (3) the proactive involvement of relevant stakeholders in EU decision-making.  The impacts of policies are assessed at every stage in the policy development process: from its earliest conception through to ex-post review.


The European Commission published its Better Regulation Guidelines in its May 19th 2015 Better Regulation Package. The Guidelines were updated in 2017.


The concept and activities of the Impact Assessment Institute are aligned to objectives of Better Regulation.  The regulatory process can be visualised as a chronological cycle presented on the right.  For the Institute's assessment of what implications the Better Regulation Package has for stakeholders, please read our overview of the main elements here.


For a short history of Impact Assessment, please click here.


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