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To help disseminate best practice and to provide a useful service to sponsors and stakeholders, the Impact Assessment Institute provides training courses and information seminars about how EU laws and policies are developed.  Trainings related to the Better Regulation Package focus in particular on Impact Assessment, Evaluation and REFIT.  In addition, the Institute provides trainings on the functioning of the European Union and the actual legislative process known as Ordinary Legislative Procedure and the role of Delegated and Implementing Acts.  Feel free to contact the IAI for bespoke trainings. 


The overview below shows the trainings related to the EU Better Regulation Package.



Training for sponsors


The following training packages are offered to the Institute's Sponsors:

  • 1/2 day training on the Better Regulation Basics and where the IAI provides the added value.

  • Full-day training on Impact Assessment  or  full-day training on Evaluation and REFIT (according to the Sponsor's preference).



Trainings for all interested stakeholders


Trainings are provided on the following topics, with timing and content tailored to the needs of the stakeholder:

  • 1/2 day Training on Better Regulation Basics

  • One-day training on the overall functioning of the EU

  • One or two-day training on Evaluation and REFIT

  • One or two-day training on Impact Assessment

  • Full week masterclass on the EU policy processes



A full description of the available trainings is available for download here.



To arrange a bespoke training on any aspect of Impact Assessment and Better Regulation, please contact the Institute at:



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