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Ways to support the Impact Assessment Institute

Organisations and individuals who support the objectives and means of the Impact Assessment Institute are invited to be involved as stakeholders.  Support may be offered through the expertise that you bring to the Impact Assessment domain or by contributing financially to the Institute's operations.


Help sustain the Institute's work as a Donor or Sponsor 

To perform its scrutiny effectively and independently, the Impact Assessment Institute requires financial support.  The Institute's credibility is dependent on its financing coming from a broad range of Donors and Sponsors and it ensures that it is not reliant on specific interest groups.  The Institute, in part, finances itself through trainings on Impact Assessment, Evaluation and the European Better Regulation Agenda.  One way to support the IAI is to request a training


You can support the Institute directly as a Donor or Sponsor.  As a Donor, you support the objectives of the Institute and are willing to provide a one-off or recurring donation.  As a Sponsor, you enter into an active relationship with the Institute, advising on its activities, contributing to its work and its decision-making.  See the table below for a description of the options.



Sponsorship options (amended and simplified 10th May 2016)




Organisations or individuals consider sponsorship of the Institute with an investment of at least €15000 per year are invited to contact the Institute directly - please click this button.

Sponsorships are active starting from the first day of the month in which the contribution is received.


*Multi-year sponsorship includes the following parameters:

  • 10% reduction in annual fee.

  • Minimum two-year sponsorship term.

  • Automatic renewal at end of multi-year term, with 9 months’ notice provided by the Institute, allowing cancellation with at least 5 months’ notice.



Donation options


Contribute your expertise: become an Associate


Stakeholders wishing to support the Institute by offering their expertise and advice may be invited to become Associates.  Associates are organisations or individuals with valuable competencies in Impact Assessment and Better Regulation, and are accepted by the Board in order to ensure a balance of knowledge and influences in the advisory bodies of the Institute.  Associates may nominate representatives to the Stakeholder Council and the Studies Committee.


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