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In order to demonstrate impartiality, independence and to fulfil its four guiding principles, the governance structure of the Institute is an essential ingredient.  The governance is guided by the Statutes, which represent the formal constitution of the Institute as a Foundation under Belgian law.  The Statutes are complemented by the Rules for Procedure, which provide additional detail on the structure and functioning.  The statutes, available for download on this page, were adopted at the Institute's formal incorporation as a Foundation in March 2016.



The Board of Directors 


The governing body is the Board, which administers the Institute and ensures its sustainable functioning.  Its duties include overseeing operations, decision making on the constituent bodies of the Institute and communication to third parties.  The composition of the Board and its duties are formally defined in the Statutes and the Rules for Procedure.


The members of the Board are listed here.



The Oversight Board


The Oversight Board is an advisory body of the Institute, whose members are appointed on a personal basis.  Its primary duty is to oversee the four principles and, through its authority and expertise, attest to the impartial conduct of studies, beyond undue influence from interested parties.  It is composed of senior policy experts with the experience and stature to provide credible oversight.  The Oversight Board's function is defined in the Rules for Procedure.


Oversight Board members are currently being invited to join, including senior academics in the fields of regulatory policy and key policy sectors, leading political figures and former government officials.  The members so far formally confirmed are listed here.



Stakeholder Council


To ensure representation for those bodies with an interest in the Institute's studies, a Stakeholder Council is convened.  Senior representatives from governmental institutions, civil society, business and the public, including the Institute’s sponsors, are invited to participate.  The body has a strategic advisory role to the Board and the Secretariat. 


Additional support and advice is provided by the Studies Committee, a subcommittee of the Stakeholder Council.  The Studies Committee is composed of experts in regulation and policy from the stakeholders and provides in depth assistance on policy and advance intelligence on future legislative initiatives and have the task to recommend the content of the study programme.  The Stakeholder Council and Studies Committee are being convened in line with the Institute's development.





The Secretariat, under the leadership of the Managing Director, carries out the day-to-day work of the Institute, including the compilation and commissioning of studies, monitoring of the regulatory domain, supporting the Board and Committees, finance, administration, outreach and communications.


For the members of the Secretariat, please see here.



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