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EU Policies and Legislation

The Institute focuses on the development of policies and legislation at the European Union level.  This includes the scrutiny of the evidence base White Papers; Policy Communications; proposals for directives and regulations; proposed amendments to existing EU rules and delegated and implementing acts. The Institute will target mainly the proposals presented by the Commission for which an Impact Assessment is made.


In addition, The Institute will scrutinise the ex-post assessment of implemented laws, referred to by the European Commission as Evaluation and Fitness Checks. Covering both the ex-post and ex-ante assessment enables the Institute to gain a full picture of the evidence base for EU legislation over its entire decision-making cycle.


To provide transparency and facilitate understanding of on-going and upcoming EU policy, the Institute maintains an overview of on-going proposals for EU legislation, known as our Regulatory feed.  This provides a comprehensive and easily searchable overview of legislative dossiers. Information included in the feed covers all past stages in their life, prospective legislation in planning, adopted legislative proposals, the status of legislation in progress and adopted legislation as well as the status of related secondary legislation. The Regulatory feed is a roadmap for the Institute's potential activities, providing its staff, stakeholders and the public with an easy to grasp plan of how regulation is expected to develop.


The Institute's activities align with the European Union's Better Regulation agenda.  In particular the Better Regulation Package, published in 2015 and updated in 2017, creates an enhanced playing field for all actors to cooperate in promoting evidence-oriented and thus more effective policy in the EU.  The Package's guidelines for transparency, consultation and impact assessment provide a platform on which the Impact Assessment Institute makes a valuable contribution, reflecting the Package's stated openness to outside scrutiny of all regulatory activities developed by the European Commission.

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