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A year and a half of the Better Regulation Agenda: what happened?


30th January 2017


The IAI has reviewed and scrutinised the implementation of the European Commission's Better Regulation Package from May 2015 and compiled the results in a new study.  The IAI also scrutinised the European Commission's own progress report in its September 2016 communication “Better Regulation: Delivering better results for a stronger Union” - COM(2016) 615.


This study, authored by Simon Godwin, Erik Akse and Julie Lenoir, highlights a number of improvements that need to be made and proposes 10 specific recommendations to achieve them. 


Consistent with the IAI's standard procedures, this study is open to ongoing peer review and scrutiny by all stakeholders, to identify alternative analysis and conclusions or any factual inconsistencies.  Material differences will be acknowledged and the study revised where necessary.


The IAI also invites stakeholders to share their experiences with the Better Regulation Agenda and to push for further improvements.


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