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IAI letter to Commission First Vice President Timmermans

February 15th 2016

The IAI has sent a letter to Commission First Vice President Frans Timmermans emphasising the findings of its study on the EU Emissions Trading System published on 11th February.

In particular, the letter highlights the lack of transparency in the underlying data and analysis, which was created using a proprietary analytical model, which cannot be independently scrutinised.

The Institute makes a number of concrete proposals in the letter to ensure that all European Commission Impact Assessments are based on data that is publicly available.

Specifically it calls for transparency of data and models to be embedded in the Better Regulation Gudielins, public procurement of Impact Assessment services and the requirements of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board.

Download the letter (11th February 2016)

160211 IAI letter to FVP Timmermans - cr
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